I am Rikita Pop, a French artist who practices photography, video, sewing, music and drawing … among other wacky crafts.

My photographic work revolves around the perception and the limited gaze of the human being among others, and this, in film and digital I am also working on the notion of capitalist commerce which is killing our local businesses. Nostalgic, like the Becher couple, I work to photograph the businesses that die as soon as I cross one. History to remind people that the identity of a local store was also visual, and shaped our urban landscape, pointing out the fact that franchises destroy us the image of travel, and transport. hardly attracted by a world, as you will have understood, which offers you the same urban landscape in Barcelona or Tokyo. This is why in this project, I try to illustrate our dead years.

Since 2021, I have collaborated with Ryan Lauza, a friend who poses for me. My muse as I like to describe her. We gravitate around various universes that you will be able to discover. This gender project is still ongoing. Thanks to her for being there and posing for me.

I also make « ready-made » accessories from old comics that inspire me or make me smile … my preference is for erotic comics from the 70s and 80s. I customize in a rather kitsch-punk inspired aesthetic … all for fun and laughter. As well as necklaces made with toys recovered from flea markets, and beads from dismantled necklaces.

Finally music question, I re-approached this part of my life in suspense for a long time by creating a universe that allows me to create and to be more serene by modifying the speed of the pieces that I have in a systematic transformation and appropriation. records that I glean at random from my life and from my sometimes uneducated consumer impulses.

I also sing in an « alone all alone forever band »: Lick mein ArSCH biSTCHES! since 2018 which allows me to evacuate the daily anguish. The goal being a song, a clip per evening … evenings distant from each other by the irrepressible desire to express myself and to translate my recurring discomfort.

Finally, in September 2020, I collaborated in « Gris Noir », an ambient analog project, with a friend, Raymond Rabillard, from which I will present some extracts to you on this site.

I also make videos for bands using Super 8, VHS, Hi8, mini DV. and digital … You can check out some examples from my Rikita Pop youtube channel on this site.

Welcome on board! and Keep on fighting!

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